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Steve Johnson
Genre: Blues, Rock

Steve Johnson
Steven Bryan Johnson started playing guitar in 1963 after his Uncle Mickey Johnson played his electric guitar for him. He has played in rock blues bands in California until moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1982, where he met Albert Collins, Willie Dixon, Luther Allison, Duke Robillard, Johnny Winter, and lots of blues players of the Chicago Detroit area. A year later in New York City, Steve formed The Tanks, a Blues Power Trio. Together they recorded 3 independently released albums in the U.S. Steve Johnson also played with Paul Butterfield, Johnny Copeland, Paul Schaeffer, Albert Collins, Little Jimmy King, Jaco Pastorious, Little Mike, Popa Chubby, Big Ed Sullivan, Jon Paris and most New York Blues players.

2008 released \'Leaving New York\' (ACM Records)
2005 released \'Let\'s Be Bad\' (ACM Records)
2003 released \'Blues from the Roadhouse - live!\' (dixiefrog)
2001 released \'Bluesville\' (Virgin France/New Risin’ Blues)
2000 released \'Blues Distortion\' (Virgin France/New Risin’ Blues)
1999 released \'Blue Guitar\' (Virgin France/New Risin’ Blues)
1997 released \'Back to Memphis (Virgin France/New Risin’ Blues)
1996 released \'Steve Johnson and Nuts and Bolts\' (Virgin France/New Risin’ Blue)
1994 \'Sooner or Later All Nuts Come Home to Find Their Bolts and Rust\', independently released in US.
1993 \'Nuts and Bolts LIVE from the Rodeo Bar\', independently released in US.
1993 Winner of Guitar Player\'s, \'Ultimate Guitar Competition - Blues Category\'.
1992 released \'The Long Shadows\' with Carolina singer Michael Rowe.
Steve continues to play bars and clubs, music festivals and does record dates in New York, California wherever there is a fun gig to do.



Cadillac Blues

Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Leaving New York

Lets Be Bad

Jesse James…Pay Up Sucker!

Bluezy Rootz

Bluezy Rootz

Cool Summer Jams

Beer-Live @ Mexicali Blues
Bus Blues
Cadillac Blues
Learn To Be Nice-Live @ Mexicali Blues
Learn To Be Nice-Live @ Mexicali Blues
Walk With Me Talk With Me-Live @ Mexicali Blues
What Do You Do When I'm Gone?



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